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Bobwhite Quail hunting on wild coveys over existing natural terrain within agricultural regions of Iowa, Missouri and Kansas. We are Mid-America Hunting Association that since 1965 has provided private land for self guided quail hunts to the average work-a-day hunter.


Quail huntingA description of our wild quail hunting with a short description of how we operate. Have a good read of this page. Links to additional detailed information are at each page bottom. Then call us directly for a specific discussion of your hunt plans.


What quail hunters will enjoy most is stepping from their truck onto a different spot. each time, each day of every hunting trip. None never have to cross their own tracks the entire season.

This ability to see different ground provides the additional enjoyment of discovery. A possibility through season long. For years of hunts to come.

Marking all found coveys on Association land maps will soon collect more covey spots than time to hunt in a season. That allows quail hunters when he next has a first season pup, to get that pup on more coveys and singles in a shorter period of time than most hunters had opportunity for with past dogs.

Farm Ground

Our agricultural region is within the grain farming areas of south central Iowa, north Missouri and the watershed country of Kansas. The quail cover is mostly linear composed of edge cover along many wet or dry or wet/dry drainage's cutting through farm fields connecting small patches of woods, grass and brush. This cover goes on for miles.

Missouri quail hunting trip. More on Missouri quail hunting?

Missouri quail hunting season with first season quail dog.

Andrew and Sven.

Quail hunting ReservationsTranquility

Hunters are separated from others. For the most part no one mixes dogs with others, crosses boot prints or feels any need to beat another to any spot. Most are conservative in their hunts knowing not to hunt any covey to extinction. After a couple of trips finding coveys over the same farms from year to year that hunter will soon begin to expand out to different regions. If for no other reason than to experience habitat differences. Through years this effort at expanding out to different areas pays off when any one area has a bad reproduction cycle. We are large enough with our range of land from Iowa through Missouri to Kansas to always have a good quail hunting locality somewhere.

On point and one on honor. All may hunt their own dogs to their own level. A Kansas quail hunting trip on a rare snow day. Read more about our Kansas quail hunting?

January Kansas quail hunting in the snow.

There are plenty of limit pictures on this web site. However, the quail hunting this Association provides is for those that enjoy dog work above all else. A worst thing any applicant has asked us has been along the lines of: "...how many limits will I get?". It is such questions that tell us we are talking to the wrong hunter. Picture above is from a hunter that never sends in limit pictures. He has sent in many of his dogs in field through the years. Those pictures now cover over 30 years of dogs. He is also a traveling hunter having hunted in almost every state that has any bird that can be pointed. He also renews his Association membership every year.

Self Guided Wild Quail Hunting

Kansas Cover

Kansas Quail hunting

Shown is Mike with Scudder at 13. One of four dogs Mike hunts one at a time. Average hunters with average dogs. No specialized trailers or equipment required.

The self Guided aspect of our wild quail hunting starts with a telephone conversation long before the hunt with either John Wenzel or Jon Nee, both of whom train and hunt their own dogs. Being pheasant and quail hunters and being out on the land throughout years of working leases gives them plenty of opportunity to observe where better upland bird populations current reside. That ability to see the area as well as operating as a business, not a hunting club, brings a motivation wherewithal to give recommendation of where to hunt based on densities, habitat preferences, driving route, if wanting to combine a pheasant hunt.

From that first conversation quail hunters will develop a plan 'A' with backup plan 'B' of where to hunt his first trip or several. Plan 'A' will be our recommendation based on his hunt preferences combined with our knowledge where coveys exist. Plan 'B' being a good alternative should weather conditions change from planning time to actual hunt.

That hunter for his first several trips will be encouraged to develop a couple of regions of land knowledge. He is likely to find one region of habitat or bird density between quail or pheasant more to his liking, hunting style and dog power. That region will most likely become his favorite for return trip start spots. Then expansion out to other areas prevents boredom that comes with hunting same farms too often.

Kansas Hunt

private land

"...for us late season means easier days. We do not hunt like we used to. This was a four covey day with lots of pheasants..."

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