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Private Missouri land on grain crop farms.

Self guided turkey hunts with Members' choice of season.

Recommendations where to hunt from two Association partners responsible for hunt quality.

Local lodging from a yellow pages listing kept up to date. All near Association land.

Flat rate suited to all average work-a-day folks who want a good they can make happen at their pace.

Missouri turkey hunting season in its entirety.

How It Works

Review this web site to develop questions. Call to speak to one of two Association partners who survey all Missouri leases before they are purchased. If both agree they can work together payment is made, maps issued, schedules of turkey scouting or hunting trips made. Hunters then simply hunts on his schedule, on his choice of season, never being denied a hunt.

We Are

Mid-America Hunting Association a private land self guided organization in existence since 1965. A developed system proven effective through time. Sometimes copied, never duplicated. Even with any organization saying they are just like us.

Mid-America is run by two life long hunters who are out covering leases year round. They are Jon Nee and John Wenzel. Those two are who give ideas of where to hunt.

Non-Competitive Missouri Turkey Hunting Land

Our Missouri wild turkey hunting is on private land under lease exclusive do it yourself member only use.

Each reserves a specific spot per day to spend time alone. Spots are either selected by hunters based on their previous Missouri hunts, his own pre or during season scouting or from recommendations from MAHA. They will get new members to where to park his truck, step out and chase some turkey. Then, all make their own field time experience.

After several trips most develop favorite Missouri localities. Most frequently spend time within their favored area. However, most seem to enjoy covering new spots as well. Most scout/hunt one or more new spots each trip.

Season & Flexibility

If any one enjoys their first farm they may remain there. Or, expand out having the adventure of exploring other spots within a short drive.

Our reservation system makes mobility possible. We also prevent greedy hunters from blocking others from any one spot. Those who do want to be on a single property more frequently than move around it is possible. It is however a failed tactic.

A significant advantage of MAHA is covering ground to find what is wanted. Being on more than one flock per trip allows each day to be on less pressured flocks. Most who have been in their Association any length of time will have several known flock locations. Once settling in on a flock's pattern if a first chance to use a tag is blown it is often better to pick up to move to another than continue on one on alert.


Motivation to making a reservation to an individually numbered lease is to ensure we know where everyone is. A means so we do not allow anyone else to hunt that spot when a hunter is there. How a cliché of: "Safety First" is put into substantive action.

Reservation are also a means by which we limit day to day or week to week pressure. If one lease receives too much pressure we close it off. If we do a good job at this, all spring season hunters will find flocks relatively un-pressured. A task made fairly easy as we have more lease land than spring season hunters to occupy them.

Further, more than half of MAHA are non-residents flying out selected long weekends. This leaves many season days with little activity.

There is more.

Our membership allocation system is based on membership primary and secondary hunter discipline compared to our lease profile. Our land profile is measured by regional production, habitat carrying capacity and past production.


One other facet often inquired of is competition with others over perceived better leases. Some believe older members may have an advantage. They do, it is limited to their personal knowledge.

Equality of fair land distribution begins with each member receiving a single, same map issue (online). It continues all have a single same reservation system. This is built on we do not have any seniority system. Or, any other selective treatment.

Association partners, Jon Nee and John Wenzel, insure all understand they are friendly to all, and they have no friends.

Advantages do exist. Members with a couple of spring seasons under their belt will have more than one roost identified. These hunters have time experience over anyone with less than 3 years on the leases. This aspect can only be overcome by members themselves.

We will jump start all new Association hunters their first several years. Even with this help It will take some boot time before building knowledge of cherry spots. This is a requirement of any self guided trip regardless of purpose, location or organization. Expecting anything less makes that hunter more adapted to a guided hunt.

Any one expecting immediate results with minimal effort has lost site of how challenging a self guided wild turkey experience actually may be. To this end, this web site strives to achieve reasonable Missouri hunting expectations. Long before membership application. Have a read then call us any time.

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