Kansas Upland Bird Hunting

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The Prime Kansas Upland Bird Hunting

When hunters think of Kansas upland bird hunting pheasants come to mind. That is true even though Kansas upland bird hunting has more. Wild quail are also present. Within Mid-America Hunting Association both may be hunted. There is also waterfowl for those with versatile dogs.

Kansas Upland Bird Hunting Land

Names are counties. Numbers are private land acres available in that county for self guided hunts.

Kansas Upland Bird Hunting

Pheasant, quail, Prairie Chicken are the hunts. None of these exist equally in all regions of the state.

There are several regions of varying cover densities. Just about every hunter develops a favored combination and returns there frequently. That is until dog power or reproduction success changes. That hunter then has options to further his enjoyment by discovering new ground.

The Secondary Opportunity - Prairie Chicken

The next option the astute hunter will recognize and many will ignore as a hen pheasant is the early to flush, fast and high flying Prairie Chicken. To see many in a season is common. To harvest even one is rare.

For the hunter that has yet to harvest a Prairie Chicken be well aware they are not good to eat. Most local hunters will agree a good looking male Prairie Chicken is far better as a mount than on the dinner table. The first time a hunter skins one out he may begin to agree. This dark flesh with a musk that humans can readily smell many find offensive.

Kansas upland bird hunting a dog on point.

No concern about knowing where the property lines are. Fence lines define property boundaries well.

Kansas pheasant limit.

This picture and the one above show well variety also includes weather and hunt conditions.


quail pointA greater range of pheasant and quail habitat variety of the three states the Association manages land. The pictures in this section are just a snapshot of that Kansas upland cover variety available.

Habitat is covey holding soft edge habitat ringing row crop fields, tall prairie grass CRP fields and brush and scrub filled draws. All can be encountered the same day. The quail hunter will find many thin tree lined creek bottoms cutting though crop fields. The challenge of course is being on the right side of the creek for the flush. The pheasant hunter more tall grass to hunt than most have the energy to cover.

Upland bird huntThe hunter will find the blue sky, tough to walk through and large acreage tall grass hunts enjoyable for a couple of days. Spreading the hunt over the brush and grass filled draws will ease the walking burden as well as add some quail action for the hunt.

The pointing and flushing dog hunter will find plenty of cover to suit their dog power. There have been many a retrieving/flushing dog hunter over the years that have found a quail hunt to be as good as the easier to shoot pheasant.

Classic pheasant cover.

Classic pheasant cover of large field native grass.

Kansas upland bird hunting continued.

Self Guided Pheasant
Self Guided Quail


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