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Mid-America Hunting Association video on its private land self guided turkey hunts.A review of Mid-America Hunting Association private land self guided turkey hunts. Written for those that know nothing about this quiet group that has existed since 1965.

Spring Kansas turkey hunting for season long self guided hunts on private land.The Association Provides:

1. Private hunting land access.

2. Exclusive Association use.

3. Season long access to match any available vacation days.

4. Choice of spots to hunt each day.

5. Freedom from the public lands hunter mentality.

6. The two Association partners act as a friendly point of contact to insure all are on the right spot.

7. The satisfaction of having hunted enough after every trip.

Kansas Turkey Hunting Regulations Provide:

Kansas turkey hunting both spring and fall finds a long turkey season, multiple over the counter turkey tags and all day long turkey hunting for Eastern and Kansas Rio Grande Turkey.

Kansas spring season is 6 weeks long for both the Rio Grande and Eastern Turkey, on the same tag. All day long hunts to include Sundays. Two spring tags for over the counter purchase allowing for two toms in one day. And, there is more.

Additional benefits of deer scouting during the spring hunt and all of it on private lease land without competition from other hunters. Can it get any better? Yes, it can.

Kansas hunting regulations and how they fit into Mid-America Hunting Association.The wild turkey hunter will find a liberal fall season both in terms of weather conditions and additional tags. And, there is more. Although few actually use dogs for the fall season, they are legal in Kansas. What a great picture it would make of a retriever bringing in a 20 pound bird as either sex is permitted.

Mid-America Hunting Association Advantages

No lodge.

Not operating a hunting lodge means the Association is not limited to the driving distance from that lodge for land. That allows the Association to make all of Kansas available as to where to acquire hunting land. When it does come time to spend Association money that had been earned from hunters it is done wisely. This means we spend money for land where that land has a regional significance to its production.

Corporate farms.

The Association collective buying power allows acquisition of large acreage holdings. these are farms in excess of 10,000 acres. Or, land the average hunter could never afford to lease due to the size of it. The Association brings this land back into the reach of the work-a-day hunter. The payback to the hunter is the corporate farms the Association lease from are grain operations. Not cattle ranches. The corporate farm is less likely to be diversified with livestock in the non-plow ground than a small acreage farmer. Any farmer of land two to three thousand acres is often a mixed grain, hay, livestock farm. The corporate farms stick to one equipment set. One employee skill set.

A second advantage of corporate farms is they often have land from north to south within Kansas. The difference in spring planting and fall harvest from north to south Kansas is generally two weeks. This allows the corporate farm operation to have land north and south using a less sizable fleet of farm equipment transported as the seasons require. The largest corporate farm operation ever leased by the Association was in excess of 33,000 acres. The value to the hunter is a higher quality wildlife cover per dollar spent/acre from them than small farmers.

Cover ground - daily choice.

A strength of the Association is no one hunter is limited to just one farm. All before opening day should have at least two or more flocks/roosts identified. This allows backup should the first one to three days on one flock does not yield a workable pattern or the hunter misses a shot. It is better in such situations to move onto another Kansas farm or flock rather than continue to pressure and educate the same flock.

Limited pressure,

The Association partners are turkey hunters themselves. They enjoy the day when it is over on the first setup 30 minutes after light. They know what it is to take longer than wanted to fill spring tags. They know full well the hunt quality the hunter is anticipating to earn that hunter's return business. Pressure limits are the significant contributing factor for a return membership. It is that any Association hunter is more likely to see another hunter in the motel parking lot than on Association land.

Kansas allows two bearded turkeys per day.

Tow toms in one set up a Kansas turkey hunting Advantage.


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