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Private land self guided Kansas pheasant hunting for wild pheasant throughout the entire hunting season.Who We Are

Mid-America Hunting Association is a self guided private land hunter organization. Established in 1965. We offer hunts in east and west Kansas. Also available are dove and Prairie Chicken. Waterfowl for both duck and goose is included.

What We Provide

Our product is private land access. Our land is within the grain farming regions.

We make the entire state available to us as to where to spend the Association hunters' money. That allows us to go anywhere in the state we need to to acquire the better upland bird hunt quality. This may be contrasted to a hunting lodge that would be limited to the driving distance around that lodge for their land. In our case lodging is by local motel. A listing is available on our web site.

Kansas Private Land

Lease land mapPosted are the counties and acreage available.

Not all of Kansas is within good upland bird regions. Even amongst the regions where pheasants are found from year to year local weather effects do enhance or degrade population densities. We track such population changes from year round presence on the land. We will get the hunter where the better hunts will be. It is by that means hunters hunt with this Association for years.

Big Land

Private land hunts

Our country is big. The picture above is milo stubble. Over 200 acres that extends into a grassed in waterway. The ideal combination of cover and food on a 320 acre field. Having several of these each day will fill a trip.

private land self guided hunts

Wheat stubble. The best wheat stubble is that with weeds or a grass of brush drainage's within it. This field does have drainage's and just as this picture shows the cover is not seen until walked on top of it. Only the best dogs do well in cut wheat.

Self Guided Hunts

Only self guided hunters permitted.

This is defined as we will get the hunter to the point of where to park his truck and put his dogs out. From that point on the hunter makes his own hunt.

How we get the hunter to where to park his truck is by way of our online maps and telephone recommendation. The recommendations are from one of the two Association partners. The partners are responsible for a quality field experience. They too are upland bird hunters that train their own dogs.

What the hunter must provide is his own licenses, equipment, dog power, skill, meals, transportation and lodging.

Private Land

All land is privately owned. It is a combination of small and large corporation farms.

The Association land is not franchised, loaned out or shared with any others.

Advantages to Association collective buying power is the acquisition of large farming operations. These are farms well into many thousands of acres. These corporate farms are commodity farms concentrating on grains alone. This may be contrasted with a small acreage farmer of under 3,000 acres that will be diversified with livestock in the wildlife areas. The end result with the large farms is an overall higher per acre protective cover quality for the money spent.

Another advantage to the hunter is that should one of our regions ranging have a down year one or more other localities is likely to have a good year.

January hunt in.

Tommy and Razzle. Multiple dogs over multiple fields. This is native grass. Ideal cover.

Wild upland bird hunt.Wild Pheasant

Wild only. No planted, pen raised birds or feeders.

At right, an Association hunter that travels from far for one trip a season. He gives example of some native grasslands.

How To Make A Hunt

If a hunter is allocated an Association slot he will gain access to an online map library covering all Association lands. Land is divided into "units". A "unit of land" is nothing more than how many farms we can post to a single 8 1/2 x 11 inch of paper before we start to shrink it down to where the bifocal generation begins to have trouble reading it. There are large and small acreage units. In every case of every day each hunter will have more huntable habitat than day light hours to hunt. This is done by grouping small units together or allowing more than one day in the larger units.

To know where to hunt is by talking to one of the two Association partners, Jon Nee or John Wenzel. They have been on every piece of the Association land more than a couple of times. They will assist with itinerary development. Every day that hunter has to hunt he will have a new place to do so. There will also be a Plan A and a Plan B. That would be in case of bad weather.

Once a plan is initiated, meaning place and time, the telephone reservation is made to a live person for immediate confirmation. At that point all the hunter needs do is travel from home to that spot, step out and hunt.

Self guided Kansas hunts for wild pheasants all on private land through the end of season in January.

Spend the day with your buddy. About as bad as late season snow will be.

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