Kansas Hunting Lease

Mid-America Hunting Association makes it possible for the average hunter to hunt Kansas private land. It is however different than a individual hunter private lease. The Association offers more flexibility of choice.

Our Kansas lease land. It is a means to avoid public land hunter mentality. Or, the strings attached to an individual lease.

Kansas hunting lease private land for deer.

The advantage through the Association is the hunter is not limited to just one spot. He may select from all the land. Most hunters will have several spots they will want to hunt each trip. All may pick from any based on current season crops, weather, wind, and any other criteria the hunter may want.

Success comes from covering ground to find what is sought. The opposed is to have just one spot and hope luck works out.

The other distinguishing asset of the Association is its collective buying power. That allows leasing large acreage farm or corporate farms. These are farms over 10,000 acres. The value back to the hunter is the large farms are singular commodity focused. In the case of this Association we lease from grain farming operations. The payback to the hunter is the large farm focused on grains is not likely to have cattle in the wildlife areas as is a small acreage farmer. Small acreage farmers, those 3,000 acres and under, are likely to be diversified with grain, hay and livestock. Leasing from the large acreage landowner gains a higher quality wildlife cover for each dollar spent per acre. Or, a greater potential for a better hunt.

Kansas deer hunting lease results.

Beau's deer camera. Then the deer.

Kansas hunting lease land for self guided hunts.

Recent success above and long time ago below right. We have a long track record of performance dating back to 1965. Through experience comes efficiency. That efficiency benefits the hunter through stable day to day operations and land availability.

A once in a lifetime 17 pt. non-typical.

kansas deer lease

We offer the opportunity for hunters to enjoy the day in the field. Away from free land hunters. While having the potential for the greatest success of their hunting careers.

kansas lease

Kansas Deer Hunting - A brief Comparison Of The Association Approach To That Of Others

The cause for private lease land of course is money. Not just that spent on a Kansas leases. But that deer hunters are predisposed to spend money in pursuit of trophy whitetail hunts.

Landowners know this and it is their purpose in life to change dirt into something useful for mankind. The hunting lease is the same as grain production. That is in terms of earning a living from the land.

Of pay to hunt hunters, there are two basic categories. The first is that which depends on the guide service. That often accompanies a small acreage lease operation around 25,000 acres and frequently less.

The guided hunter wants it all and all of it easy. A lodge with meals provided, stands placed and of course the trophy whitetail. On as quickly a schedule as possible.

The other category of Kansas deer hunter is the self guided deer hunter that lacks the desired private land resource. He has learned to shy away from public lands. This hunter frequently seeks out his own lease probably a ½ section or 320 acres. This action revolves around that this is the most commonly read about approach in hunter magazines presenting articles of deer lease systems.

In the case of MAHA private land lease approach, ours is rarely written about. We do not allow any type of commercial activities on our lease land. We do not offer free hunts in exchange for an article. An offer we get regularly. What we offer the common every day average self guided hunter is that valuable resource of private land we lease for Association hunter use. No guides, no stands placed, no lodge, just hunts on private lease land contracted for our exclusive use.

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Spring season turkey hunting is such a skill demanding discipline that hunter pressure on our lease land is kept well in check. What Kansas turkey hunting does offer is a reason to scout for a fall deer hunt. It is also a leisurely planned hunt with an 8 week long season. This is a time of gaining a good hunt without seeing another. A time of year if another hunter is seen it is most likely in the motel parking lot rather than in the field.

In the case of a turkey hunting lease, the hunter seeks safety foremost. What MAHA brings to the turkey hunter is that all of our lease lands are numbered and every turkey hunter hunts each numbered lease alone. We do not stack hunters up on each other on the same lease. And, that hunter may have multiple deer and turkey hunts on the same collection of lease lands. Doing so gains a greater understanding of year round wildlife movement patterns.

Kansas turkey hunting

Kansas Quail and Pheasant Hunting

The goal of every upland bird hunter is to hunt wild birds. Have them in sufficient numbers to give their dogs a lot of experience. The hunter many that has the chance to observe his dog in action enjoys this Association the most. A tough requirement to fulfill under any hunting lease system.

Kansas public land simply cannot sustain the dogs and hunters it receives. The birds move out. This is due to within the great plains where agriculture is king and most hunting land is privately held.

Collection (knocking on doors) of enough private land access in sufficient acreage to prevent hunting the same places each trip is a time consumptive process. It will simply wear out a hunter. The alternative are preserves with pen raised birds. Or, traveling a much longer distance to more western states. Then walk the endless miles of federal and state lands.

The preserve with pen raised bird hunting defeats the goal of wild birds. That also removes the self guided aspect. The western states public land solve the land availability problem. It creates a second, that of where to hunt.

Having a million Kansas public hunting acres access is great. Where in that million acres are the birds? There is no one to ask. The hunter is left to figure it out himself. While many do the chances of failure are stacked against the hunter.

The MAHA alternative solves the land access issue. Perhaps more important are the partners of John Wenzel and Jon Nee Senior and Junior. They have a knowledge base of intimate boots on the ground experience with the land they lease. They are motivated to support the Association do it yourself hunter.

Even with our self guided approach it is recognized that MAHA is a business based on customer service. Or, in this case, ensure the do it yourself hunter has a good hunting experience. That good hunt brings the hunter back for years of hunting MAHA lease land. That returning hunter is low maintenance. He has his favorite hunting spots. He always has more lease land to explore than time available. The returning hunter simply hunts. That is compared to the first year Association hunter. That hunter requires a good bit of verbal guidance to insure he is where he needs to be based on habitat and bird of preference.

Kansas upland bird hunting

First MAHA Kansas Hunt

kansas pheasant hunt

Dear MAHA, Here is a photo of my first ever Mid-America hunt in Kansas with my two shorthairs. This was my first year with MAHA and it exceeded all my expectations. I took Jon's advise and hunted three different Kansas regions this year. There was not one day where I didn't get into birds. Several days resulted in me limiting out. Other days, we had to work pretty hard for what we got. That's hunting! I've heard that others did not do as good citing that Kansas is having a down year. If that's the case, I cannot wait until a "good year."

I met some other members in the field. Each member I meet has been very courteous and respectful. They too take ownership in MAHA and it is refreshing share land with such people.

I've been impressed by MAHA staff. Everyone has been helpful in answering my questions. All messages have been return in a timely manner.

I look forward to many more years with MAHA. Thanks for providing such high quality land.

Pheasant hunting or quail hunting.

MAHA Lease Option

We are but one choice when it comes to a Kansas hunting lease. We are not the right fit for everyone.

For the do it yourself hunter wanting the added adventure of a private land self guided hunt we do provide the hunting land resource to fit that need. Those that want fancy lodging, equipment provided or a guide should find another alternative. That type of hunter will not be successful in this organization. Continuing though the links below will give the reader increasing details about the options we provide. Namely one, the chance to hunt Kansas.

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