Do It Yourself Kansas Hunts

do it yourself Kansas hunts

Average work a day hunter. No fancy rigs or new clothing. Just those that enjoy their time outdoors.

Do it yourself Kansas hunts of wild game on private land. That is the only offer.

Who We Are

This is Mid-America Hunting Association. Since 1965 we have been providing season long Kansas hunts for Mule and Whitetail Deer; Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey and pheasant and Bobwhite Quail. Only for the self guided hunter.

What Is Provided To The Hunter

What we do for the do it yourself hunter is lease land within regions that give the best return for the hunter. That translates into saving the self guided hunter the time and cost of figuring out where he needs to hunt for what he is after. Not only do we get the hunter to the right hunting spot, once there he will find the right habitat to support his hunt.

The confidence the hunter has that he will have a good hunt comes from the fact that we operate as a business. We seek customer satisfaction in the form of return hunters. We know that hunter will only return if he has a good hunt. No guarantees on bags and tags. Our goal is hunt execution quality. Meaning the right cover in the right region of the state that has a history of production. We get the hunter to where he parks his truck. From that onward he makes his hunt.

Self guided hunters

Private land

A photo sent in from opening day, Kansas hunt. One mallard and 3 Canada geese from a duck hunter hunting on his own without an Association built blind using his own portable one. Like so many of our hunters do it yourself often means literally yourself. This is often typified by the harvest without hunter pictures.


The best hunting experience possible is possible for the do it yourself hunter through our taking away the hesitation some may feel about traveling to hunt.

The first is the private land is available in sufficient acreage to ensure all will be on un-pressure wildlife.

Next all will have more than enough acreage per day to provide for a full day’s hunt.

Proof we are what we say we are is first to be found within this web site of detailed regional habitat pictures and descriptions. Hunter testimonials give different perspectives. Then calling us to discuss with us directly all concerns. To top it all off we will provide a member’s telephone listing to qualified applicants so they may call any number of current hunters across a range of hunting disciplines to discuss their experience with our organization.

Not all things are perfect. One aspect for our self guided Kansas hunts or for that matter hunts anywhere is the first trip, season or year. The hunter must have the attitude the first year is the break in year. For no matter how good our recommendations or the member’s first scouting or hunt trip may be it does come down to that the hunter must pay the price of boots on the ground. Or, that time required to find where he most likely will have the most success.

Do it yourself deer hunts.


Hunters chice of where to hunt

Hunt any phase of the moon, portion of the season or all season long at the hunter's choice.

Self Guided Cost Example

Boots on the ground time is frequently demonstrated by the deer hunter.

He may scout hard his first season and find what he believes are the best spots. By his third season he is hunting a completely different farms.

The dynamic in this case being that the more land scouted the more likely the hunter finds habitat more to his liking than that previously known.

Upland bird hunters act differently. Some will gravitate to either quail or pheasant predominate regions. Doing so there will be a discovery that one type of habitat be it the crop edge, brushy draw or tall grass is more appropriate for his dog power and hunting style than others. The change is the hunter now hunts that cover and quail or pheasant his dog best handles.

The duck hunter who typically has for the first time in his life the opportunity to hunt flooded crop, marsh, timber, sloughs or watershed lakes from blinds to wade-in areas to layout boat areas all in one season will soon find he has a preference. That preference for lack of opportunity was unknown.

This is a long way of saying that the first year is the break-in year. This is when/where the self guided hunter needs to take a tour of the various region where we offer lease land. Doing so finds that which works best for him.

Once finding that habitat that hunts the best the hunter needs to concentrate in that area. He needs to fully explore all of its potential. After that experience is attained it is time to change it up. A trip to a different region within Kansas or perhaps one of our other two states should be done. That is for the added adventure of exploring new ground and discovery something elsewhere may work better. In any case MAHA offers all hunters the asset of being able to match hunting styles to specific habitat types to a specific hunting discipline. All while having a great time of it. That great time is the land is available without the need to track down the landowner. More land to hunt each day than daylight. All will enjoy the feeling when recurring home they had plenty of hunting time.

Do it yourself turkey hunts on private land.

Kansas with its habitat and wildlife variety is so much so that many forgo our other two states. Many take their limited time to concentrate all available days to hunt Kansas alone.

This is just a sample. Have a read of the more detailed disciplines at the links below. Then give us a call with your questions.

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