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Iowa quail hunting.

A video presentation about Iowa and the quail hunting.Iowa Is One More Choice of Where To Hunt

Iowa Quail hunting is an upland bird choice not well known amongst hunters. Often a case southern Iowa's covey counts rival its southern neighbor. However, Iowa quail hunting is best for those who enjoy an occasional pheasant as they overlap in this region.

Iowa Quail Hunting Land

Iowa hunting land.There is a concentration of quail in south of Iowa created by habitat south enough allowing better weather conditions.

Habitat is a combination of watershed country cutting through fields of large grains of soybean or corn. This makes a combination of cover/food to sustain quail coveys year round. Cover includes woody through grass weed mix to crop fields. A mixture covering bug, seed to waste grain seasons.

South enough means even in this snow country overall yearly temperatures allow coveys to survive. Partly due in no small part having waste grain from soybeans & corn remain available during hunting season through coldest parts of winter.

All of this combined with Iowa's early season opener (starting last Saturday in October) allows a longer season.

Another Advantage

A second Iowa hunting advantage includes earlier to arrive colder winter temperatures. This being our most northern of all Association lease land. Iowa's northern cooler temperatures allows high speed dog work avoiding heat fatigue.

Do It Yourself Association Hunter Courtesy

We seek a working relationship with Association hunters lending toward sending in their hunt pictures with stories to share on our update page. A mark we value as performing a good job for hunters.

quail huntingJon,

Went on a four day hunt to [location deleted]. Weather was warm, dry, not much wind. On better mornings we averaged 5 birds bagged taking anywhere from 1 to 3 quail per stop down to zero on hot day, 70+. Each good day we had one farm of no birds. On all others we either had quail, pheasant or both. My dog does much better in cold weather as he has a good standoff on pheasants, always does well on quail regardless of conditions. During warm weather I observed he cuts scent cones too close to allow the roosters to hold for point.

I could have taken more pictures of dog with quail, but as it was warm we dressed all out as soon as we made it back. If I had sent in all tailgate pictures they simply look like the same ones over again. The point pictures I sent will show better the amount of action we encountered.

Thanks for all you do. Having knocked on doors most of my life I can hardly believe how you are able to get so much land.

quail limitSame Hunter, Same Dog, Different Hunt

Immaterial there are just 4 quail in this picture. That dog is 8 months old on his first wild quail hunt. He is steady to point, wing, shot through drop. Breaks on command and hunts dead. He works at good range and honors other dogs on point. Quail shown represent his share. We went on to get a sportsman's limit of six in bag with two dropped, not recovered....

Drainage Cover & Crop Habitat

Iowa quail hunts are along shallow drains of the upper fringe of the Grand River watershed. These drains have infrequent woody cover from brush to tallest of trees to be found. They include much weeds mixed in prairie grass. This combination of cover variety with its many irregularities make it necessary to walk every mile of it. A requirement to find many spots which appear no different to hunters than any previous dozen but to quail are isolated ideal loafing spot.

These quail hot spots once found may number from one to several on one farm. Once a dog does go on point it is always a mystery up to flush of if it is a covey, single or a pheasant. In each case hunters can never anticipate which. If he does more frequently than not will he will be wrong.

Those hunters who seek a pure pheasant or quail hunt experience, Iowa is not a state of choice. While quail are present in good numbers, much similar cover will hold pheasants. Quail only hunters that disdains pheasant should move south to our Missouri quail only region.

Somtimes quail hunting works well in Iowa and elswhere.

Some days are very good.

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