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Iowa hunting lease land locationsMid-America Hunting Association Iowa Hunting Land is:

Leases private land.

Exclusive Association hunter use.

Association available hunting lease land is in south central part of Iowa. All land is within Iowa's grain farming regions within the Grand River Watershed. Deer, turkey, pheasant or quail hunting.

Self guided hunts only.

This Iowa hunting region is composed of wooded creek bottoms. Cutting through lightly rolling terrain. Over large grain crop fields. With many small through larger wood patches.

How It Works

Association hunters simply get onto Iowa farmland, woods or field without any administrative responsibilities.

We are not a guide service with a lodge. We are not limited to any driving distance to lease land around any lodge. We make all of Iowa available to us. Hunting land selected in a region that will give us a good return compared to money spent. Benefit to hunters is we did our research. We acquire wildlife attracting habitat within Iowa where there is a history of higher quality production.

Deer zone 4 and zone 5 hunter success.


Iowa Zone 4 or Zone 5

Hunter Feedback

Trophy whitetail deer for private land hunters.


A most impressive aspect about success pictures on this web site is they are provided to us at courtesy of hunters. As a do it yourself hunter organization no staff are at harvest time taking pictures.

All hunts are in is zones 4 or 5

Any hunter's choice of season may be hunted.

Hunters individually reserve a numbered spot. He then hunts alone. No one hunter is limited to just one lease. After he scouts or hunts he should find several spots to post stands giving choice from day to day of where to spend his time.

Those who want to refine stand location to local crop food source to rut phase or survival behavior may do so. Those who want to study a spot may stick there as long as necessary. Adjustments based on weather, wind forecasts, always. All may do so over several spots.


Muzzleloader hunters get outside of rut behavior. There is a late season in December running into January.


Bow hunters enjoy peak rut season. Archery is before gun season.


Being a shotgun/slug state makes many believe a longer survival potential results. Large racked deer surviving many seasons allowing more eyes-on success. Along with much frustration long range observation provides showing we often pick the wrong spot.

Flexibly From Choice

Hunters may choose of all Association Iowa hunting lease land. Many typically scout a couple thousand acres giving a handful of spots they would like to put some stands.

Each deer hunter is encouraged to seek our recommendations where to start during his first Iowa hunting season. Then it comes down to travel out to scout if possible. If not, then simply get out in stand every hour he has available to do so. After several seasons golden nuggets spots become more clearly identifiable.

In every case we will develop reasonable deer hunter expectations. Meaning we never oversell any difficulty of a deer hunt.

See our deer section hunter success pictures, many with stories, aerial, ground terrain pictures and maps by state..

Early Season Opener or Season Long Upland Birds

MAHA upland bird lease land offers a chance on both quail and pheasant hunts.

Wild Quail Coveys

Wild quail coveys for self guided upland bird hunters.Quail hunts are along many dry drainage's of grass, brush, woody cover. These drains cut through crop fields on large grains of corn or soybeans.

This region has crop rotating in these two grains. Value of large grains are they remain available longer into winter better than small grains. Results include coveys are well anchored to any one spot over years as they find reliable winter over food each season.

Contrast with a predominate wheat growing area. In a wheat region a field has limited waste grain winter time survival. Most of June harvested wheat waste grain has been consumed over summer into early fall.

Look over a more detailed read about Association's wild quail cover.


Pheasant cover.Pheasant hunts are along many grain crop fields cut by open brush filled drains. One is pictured at right. A different type of pheasant cover than large contiguous grass lands often described in magazine articles.

Pheasant numbers will change over each season. All part of nature most agree on. Iowa hunting offering some best to be had pheasant hunting. Means if wanting to get on pheasants on a down year Iowa has some of the best to be had.

Private pheasant land to give those who want to work dogs on their own a chance to do so.

Wild pheasants.


Fall Resident and Non-Resident Spring Turkey Season In Zone 4

Few take part as spring turkey season tag is by a draw system. It also comes at an expensive price tag.

Those who do chase turkey on our private land will find satisfaction of having a good trip. They often do as adventure of adding one more state to their list of successful wild turkey hunts.

Self guided turkey fall or spring season in south central non-resident Iowa zone 4.

Spring turkey season

A photo taken from an pheasant hunter: "I've never seen so many turkeys. This was one of a half dozen flocks I saw in one day."

That comment happened to come on a good year when flock numbers were high. This as all Association regions does experience changing turkey densities. These are monitored by the Association partners, That knowledge base gives Association hunters a bit of advantage of being able to travel to where he is most likely to have a good time of it.

Hunter Feedback

Hunter showing his satisfaction with this Association....Enclosed a picture of my [location deleted] opening day bow kill. Pulled this guy in with two additional strutters, 32 hens with 5 jakes. Got to watch a show for another 45 minutes after I shot this bird. None of them spooked they continued to strut & feed. It was a memorable day.

Could have arrowed another long beard at 4 yards a few hours later, but chose not to end my [location deleted] season so soon. After getting our tails whacked this youth weekend, yet again…I may be regretting that decision.

Thanks again John for all of your help. It’s already been a truly rewarding spring!!!! Steve

Iowa Hunting Pressure

Hunter pressure is easily managed.

Tag draw limits along with high prices keep those hunters checked. Pheasant hunters get out mostly early season. They then travel to Association's better pheasant tall grass acreage areas. Quail hunters similarly start off their season in October then travel further south historically getting into better covey counts.

What to Do Next

Have a read of specific interest from the links below. Write down your questions then give us a call. Our number is at the bottom of each web page.

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