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How Iowa, Kansas and Missouri modern rifle, muzzleloader and bow deer hunting joins with the Association hunter creating flexibility of when and how to hunt.

This article is oriented to the non-resident deer hunter. It is assumed the local deer hunter is well knowledgeable about his home state and adjoining state hunting regulations.

Iowa and Kansas has overlapping modern gun and archery seasons. Missouri rifle and bow seasons are offset from the other two. Muzzleloader seasons across the three states are widely distributed. For the firearms hunter it is common to hunt Missouri and Iowa or Missouri and Kansas the same season. With Iowa and Kansas having overlapping modern firearms season having a tag in each state the same season is to be in two places at once.

The summary is the modern rifle and shotgun hunter is capable of hunting two of the Association's three states each year without seasonal conflict. The muzzleloader deer hunter will find that he is able to hunt all three states without and seasonal conflict. Those that hunt both the modern and muzzleloader seasons maximize their options for schedule vacation days or matching the portion of the rut they would like to hunt.

Modern Firearms Deer Season

Kansas and Missouri both allow modern rifle. Iowa is shotgun only for buck hunting.

Kansas rifle deer season starts the Wednesday after Thanksgiving and runs for 12 days. This overlaps with Iowa's first and partial second shotgun season that is in early December. Missouri rifle season is earlier beginning the second Saturday in November and runs for 10 days.

Kansas scouting.

From Severin. His first scouring trip.

Muzzleloader Season

Kansas opens the earliest in September.

The next to open is Missouri that generally runs late November to early December.

We often have to provide general dating due to all three states have a running reputation of changing some portion of their regulations on an infrequent schedule.

Iowa muzzleloader season open the end of December running into early January.

Kansas archery deer season


Mid-America Hunting Association's Flexibility

Each Association hunter may hunt his season of choice. That means whatever deer tag the Association hunter acquires he may hunt the Association leases.

Most do not have the time but for one state or season. A few will crossover from one hunting method to another to be able to hunt more than one state. The flexibility of when to hunt is entirely the hunters. No Association restriction exists on the number of seasons that may be hunted.

In terms of pressure muzzleloader hunting is the least exercised. Archery is limited to the point of being the only category we have never run a waiting list for. For modern rifle the only congestion location and period is opening weekend of Missouri rifle deer season. That weekend we see the incidental one-weekend-a-year hunter. He is one that is a buck hunter on Saturday and by Sunday noon is packing up to be home before dark.

In relation to the portion of the rut to hunt there are some Associations truths:

Early rut has been capitalized on by the southern United States hunter. He has demonstrated the highest ratio of success. That is as measured by the number of hunters compared to tag-on success.

Peak rut is the domain of the northern United States deer hunter. It is often the case when a north states deer hunter speaks of the rut he only means peak rut. This is to ignore the available seasons that cover pre, early, peak, trail and post rut.

Trail and post rut is dominated by the local hunter.

When examining bow, muzzleloader or modern rifle hunter the following has shown itself over the years:

The modern rife hunter who does not hunt any other season has the lowest success rate.

Bow hunters have the overall highest recurring success.

Muzzleloader hunters who adapt to the different deer patterns over the available seasons do well.

Have a look at the hunter pressure numbers for the last several years.

Self Guided Deer Hunting

Pick your deer lease, pick your season, pick your buck.

"...No big bucks on the trail cam this year. Here are some survivors I passed on...saw them and more...thanks for all you do...."

Kansas self guided private land hunts

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