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Cost Details

We offer only one type of membership.

The membership is for a 365 day year starting from time paid.

Membership allows year long access to the land.

Hunting during state and federal regulated seasons only.

Membership is for Association controlled hunting, scouting, fishing. No other activity is permitted.

For one cost you get access to all lands, for deer, turkey, upland birds, waterfowl and fishing. No fur, feral or vermin trapping or hunting permitted.

Memberships are allocated on an individual basis. No group or corporate memberships are available.

All hunts are self guided.

All payments are final.

Private land hunting for the self guided hunter.

Quail hunting along edge cover of a cut grain field in Kansas. All private land hunting.


  First Year Second Year
With 1 Child
With Two Children
With Three Children
Additional for a spouse

Individual and dependent children or spouse memberships only.

No negotiations accepted.

A spouse that hunts separate of the other spouse must join at the Individual rate.

Add sales tax 7.975% to all the above costs.

Children are 18 and under in high school or, 21 and under in college.

Membership allows access to all Association lands in all three states for deer, turkey, upland bird, waterfowl, fishing, scouting. There are more rules and the entire collection should be considered a must read by all prior to applying for membership. Rules (PDF)

Missouri duck hunting and goose


2015 Hunting land under lease by Mid-America Hunting Association listed by county name and acreage in Kansas, Iowa and Missouri.

Iowa hunting land is in nonresident deer zone 4 and zone 5. Non-resident turkey hunting zone 4. Iowa hunting

Iowa hunting lease land locations.

Iowa Counties Map

Kansas hunting lease land covers deer management units 3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16. Includes eastern and Rio Grande Turkey hunting. The best of the Association's pheasant hunting and a wide range of quail ground. Kansas hunting

Kansas hunting lease map

Kansas Counties Map.

Missouri hunting land covers the four pint one side deer zone, historically the best quail, turkey and waterfowl hunting in the Association. Missouri hunting

Missouri hunting lease map.

Missouri Counties Map

Missouri duck hunting on private wetlands.



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